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The Book That Wouldn't Burn Review

This book is my introduction to Mark Lawrence and I am blown away by its absolute brilliance.

The Book That Wouldn't Burn is an incredible page-turner. It was a struggle to put this book down because the writing captivates as much as the story grips you. This book was an introspective read that delves deep into themes such as the power of knowledge when wisdom isn't accounted for. It also felt like a commentary of society's struggles with governments and leaders who silence opposing views in preference of their own truths. I honestly love how the story and its characters are driven by the themes of this book instead of the other way around, and I feel this structure worked perfectly and effectively to keep me hook all throughout. This is a brilliant start for a trilogy and I am seated for the upcoming sequel. Easily giving this five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Massive thanks to Harper Collins and Nicola for gifting me an uncorrected galley of this book.

(still sort of feeling bummed that i missed out on the locked library's edition ☹️)

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