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Pilipinas, ang hirap mong mahalin

i'll keep this short and concise.

at the end of the day, the people you elect to run this country is the government that YOU deserve.

if you believe that people without credentials critical for competent leadership are enough to handle the socio-economic welfare of 65 million civilians, a country in debt, and a broken healthcare system, then good for you. i applaud your tenacity and confidence to entrust these matters to underqualified people.

if all it takes to run a country is nothing but a family name, a twisted history, and a platform-less candidacy, then maybe this country was meant to be ruled by anyone who deems the people as pieces of their own game.

if history isn't enough to teach the atrocities of the past, then perhaps living and experiencing it at present might be the hardest way to learn it.

kakapoy na.

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