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Love on the Brain: A Review Proposal

A few weeks back, I wrote an abstract-like review for Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis and it did numbers in my bookstagram account; so I thought I’d write another creative article similar to it, but this time written as a review proposal for Love on the Brain, Hazelwood’s upcoming title.


Introduction: Reviews on the neurological processes of romantic love conclude that love is consistently associated with increased activation of certain brain regions, such as in dopamine-rich areas; yet no study to date has followed the same person over the course of their romantic life to determine whether neural brain changes occur over time. In the present study, the bookworm proposes to investigate these alterations in fictional romantic lovers.
Hypothesis: Romantic love changes the underlying structure of the brain and its intrinsic activity over time.
Methods: This study will involve the acquisition of Ali Hazelwood's Love on the Brain (Berkley Romance, 2022) for analysis and evaluation, with the approval of its publisher, Berkley Romance.
Possible outcomes: The bookworm might experience large doses of shaking, crying, sobbing once subjected to Ali Hazelwood's upcoming work. Brain chemistry and its intrisic activities might be elevated at certain regions and muted in some. Results may vary upon the subject's response to the fictional romance.


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